cost of 1pack of bread - 45 rs
cost of 4 guava - 50 rs

ROI for guava - 1)anti stress
2) reduce cancer cells
3) prevent diabetes

ROI for white bread- contributes in
1. obesity
2. heart
3. diabetes


Market share of guava - 316M (2020)
Market share of white bread- 56B (2020)


This planet runs on the economic rule that

"every person gets paid in direct proportion to the value they produce "

clearly the people who thought of implementing this rule did not consider psychology, scattered market , monopoly or marketing leading to this weird incomprehensible situation.
Although less , but there are national players in India in white bread industry (industry with market share of 75% even with all the health consciousness propaganda) but guava industry do not , even though it is India's fourth most widely grown fruit in India



For -
1) fever -
just say the word , someone will bring you some tablet, we all have a phd in fever.

2) skin problems (like acne , premature aging , blackheads)-
you are going to buy something which will solve one problem to create another
(in long term)

3) for insect bite
apart from panic do something just,
And please don't rub a steel on it ,
that just doesn't me. Been there, done that.

5) respiratory problems
start living in a jungle(just make sure the jungle is warm)or buy a pump ( pumps are safe, you know that, someone popular has told you that)


May be just try tulsi(Ocimum tenuiflorum)
she also does a ton of other things,
Now i don't know if tulsi is she or he, but Bollywood taught me that she is "she"