“Dil hai ki Manta nahi”….which literally means that my heart does not obey me, many a times we know what’s right , we know that doing so and so is logical and necessary but the heart is not ready to understand.

And one such heavy issue is giving away your dog…my mom is allergic to dust and fur and stuff and every now and then when she gets a Little breathing issue , she will ask me and my brother to get rid of the dog . although she too has inclination towards snow but she just grows paranoid and ask us to get rid of the dog.

Snow has helped me grow so much in so many aspects of my life.I never really thought that it was possible to love someone selflessly even when you are scared of them.I vividly remember the time when snow was introduced in my life. I was scared to say the least , my fears and insecurities about dogs was known to anyone who might have known me for as long as three months, so coming of snow in my own house felt like my family was planning something against me. I started having nightmares and was constantly looking for a way to get him out of my house, leave loving him and couldn’t stand seeing anyone else have a soft corner for him, but then snow had those eyes and cute face to change everything within a month.

I could not believe how much I started caring for him, he showed me that fear is only in one’s head and everything good or bad is worse when one thinks in wrong direction.

I think my parents will keep snow as they are actually looking for someone like my brother or me to act irrationally and plead them to keep him , because they too love snow…

Anyhow I will let you know what happens…



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